DOGE STREET is a Dogecoin mining pool. We are a proxypool that feeds into the P2Pool network.

The P2Pool network is a collection of mining pools all running the P2Pool software (anyone can join!). It allows mining to be decentralised, distributed and with no central pool server.

However as the P2Pool network grows, it becomes harder for miners to get shares and many miners experience hour long 'dry spells' with no payout.

Proxy pools solve this problem by creating sub-pools that feed into the P2Pool network, each one managing the payouts for miners under them. This will allow the P2Pool network to scale to many times its current size while ensuring fair payout for all patrons.

You should be getting more consistent payouts than mining directly on P2Pool (although there will still be some variances if the P2Pool network experiences bad luck with blocks).


News and updates


Please choose the closest server to your location geographically. If unsure, ping them :)

Ensure your miner's working by checking the stats page (includes payout information)

Also check out the FAQ!